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Hyderabad Friends Community is a clean social networking site for people of Hyderabad, powered by HyderabadPlanet.com.

HyderabadPlanet.com is a personal online guide on Hyderabad city, where you can find complete information on History, Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, Airport, Weather, Getting In & Around, Nightlife, Shopping, Real Estate & much more.

After success of HyderabadPlanet.com, I was thinking to merge with any good existing social networking site on Hyderabad, but after doing much research I found that they are not upto the mark. Few of them are having hundreds of unnecessary community, groups and networks with duplicate names. Also I visited one of the Hyderabadi social site, where members are using very bad language and even uploaded nude photos, but still their account is active, one of the fine example of spam site.

So I decided to create a clean & spam-free social networking site where people can have fun & share their views.

This "Hyderabad Friends Community" is strictly against spam, if found please notify me, I will take immediate action against him/her.

In this community you can share your views, invite friends, add blogs, talk in forums, share photos & music, join groups and plan events.

There are 30 groups in "Groups" section, where you can join and share your thoughts with other group members. In "Forums" you can post your message. Also you can add your blogs in "Magazine" section.

If you want more groups, forums & magazine categories, then please suggest me.

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